Role Of Religion In Elections : Safest Card Of Politicians

Religion And Politician : A Emotional Card

Elections held at every 5 years in India but, you know that today also religion play a important role for politicians for the manipulation of votes. This is so common in India.

India has a largest democracy and it also have the world second largest population.

So when it comes to election, the politician start playing their favorite game of religion.

We have a highest number of youth people who are working and they are doing productive things for our country.

What About Our Trust

India has 29 states and here all elections are conducted after 5 years.

A party who won the election will get a chance of 5 years to do work and fulfill all the promises they made during the election time.

We have a largest democracy and we have a right to choose.

Choose the party which we believe, which we trust and which we think that this party is best for the nation.

But, the thing which really matter is that the parties which we choose are the trustworthy.

We have a blind trust on them and with a motive of that they will work for the development of the country. That’s why we choose them.

But, this is so confusing because all I can see is scams, fraud, tax evasion, murder, rape, stealing and criminals are free, rapist are pleading for mercy.

Like seriously, they deserve that…..

I think we all know the answers.

But, the point is this, that what are the political parties are doing….

If they are working for development then why they don’t work for the loopholes which is everywhere in our country.

Seriously, I want to know that politics is for what?

And, what are the responsibilities of the politicians and why they are using religion as their benefit.

Because all I can see is that politicians is working for only the benefit of themselves and no religion is getting benefit, which is so hurtful.

Yeah… It is hurtful when I see that they are manipulating people for wrong thing.

We have numbers and they are using those numbers perfectly for the sake of themselves.

Is Religion Is The Key for Politicians To Increase Vote Banks

What is the need of manipulating or influencing people by which they do those activity from which they never relate.

There are lot’s of example which we see, read or comes in our knowledge about that.

Politician are the someone on which our country future is depend…..

They are the one who take decision for the sake of the country and yes, I know if they don’t do good work then in next election we have a right to dethrone them but it will take 5 years.

5 goddamn year are going to waste and how could our country stands in front of those develop nation when we waste every 5 years because the politician we choose are not the trustworthy.

Politician only play politics game with us and when I said the word politics that’s only mean bad politics.  

We are Also Responsible Of Giving Votes To Politicians Because They Belong From Same Religion

There are not only the mistakes of politician only, we as a common people are also responsible. We share a equal role in the development of the country.

Our nation depends on us. And it’s our responsibility to do the right thing and contribute our best in the growth of economy.

But, are we doing this?

No, we are not doing those things which help our country to stand out from the crowd.

It’s sad reality that in this modern era, we still are giving votes in the name of caste.

We still think that the person who belongs from our caste are best from them. It doesn’t matter that they are good for the society or not.

Politician manipulates us because we are the one who trust them blindly. Ask from yourself that there is the need of fight with each others in the name of religion.

Social media and our big news channel are doing there best and today they are playing an important role.

Those platforms are showing only those things which our government want to telecast.

There are lot’s of social campaign are running in which they easily manipulate us.

Who Are We

We are the one idiots, and we are the one who always become victims because we are not capable of giving our points to the society.

There is a need of lot of change in the society, because if we don’t do this now then it will be to late.


There are loopholes in the society, and it’s my request that please don’t ignore those loopholes.

If we don’t raise our voice then we can’t give our next generation better lifestyle.

We need to stand against the wrong things and this the time to stop giving votes to the politicians in the name of religion.

A wrong politicians can never do any development of the society, and if he is willing to work for the nation then he will choose only to speak about development, not religion.

This is not new that politicians are using the card of religion for manipulation and this is the safest game they play.

Think at your own, why always someone comes and tell you about these loopholes. We are living in a modern era and today we don’t need anyone for raising our voice.

What your view about these things, please share and told us that what you think that we need to adopt.

You tell us that we need a change or not. If you agree with me then be a part of the change.


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