Capital On Fire: Riots In Delhi

Riots Of Delhi Set Whole Nation On Fire

Riots riots riots ……. Riots in the capital of the nation…. Delhi….

Once again we see that people are fighting and the reason is religion but this time it goes on another level.

City is burning in fire, so do people are.

Losses Of Life In The Riots Of Delhi

22 people have lost their life in the capital and more than 150 are injured. Many of them are seriously injured and struggling with their life.

Wound of guns and stab are normal and people are doing that. What is the message are trying to give us, that two religion, specially Hindu and Muslims will can’t live with each other.

Who Are Taking The Responsibilities Of the Riots In Delhi

Who is responsible for the murder. Protest are happening from months in Shaheen bagh and that protest also become the topic of the election.

But truth is that, this is only the part of the election campaign from which politician can increase their votes count.

After the election why not the CM of capital or the central govt. try to fix it.

Is they are waiting for the day when people start to take law in their hand?

Are they are waiting for this day?

Lot’s of shop catch fire in this violence and like always the common people who don’t have any relation with this are going to face this disaster.

Who is responsible for this violence in Delhi?

Who are those people who not only set fire to the common people home but also put it to their mind.

A Well Planned Riots

There is no doubt that this riots is well planned in Delhi because it happens when the president of USA came to India.

This is the message which they want to give to the world that India is not safe.

Why It Take So Long

Why it takes so much time to take action by the police, central and state government.

Riots in Delhi become the heat topic of our nation so, how could politician keep their mouth shut and stop themselves by doing politics.

Who will going to ointment all the wounds of the people of Delhi?

How could they trust anybody from our government. Is they deserve what they are facing from months.

Is This Happen Because Of CAA

This all start with a Bill of CAA and after that politician start doing their work by influencing and mind washing them.

They can’t tell the exact or proper meaning of CAA because if they did then how could they make innocent people their troops.

They only know to use and take advantage that’s ho they make lopeholes for the society.

Fights Of Religion

Hindu and Muslim are never going to live in peace because of them. Because if they live then there is no point left for them and how could they do there bad politics things.

From the independent till today…… they only take votes in the name of religion and riots are the normal things between these two religion and it will never going to end. You know why…. Because they don’t want this……

Taking life of a person is not a big deal anymore and these types of incident always proves this right.

Why It Take So Long For Police In The Riots Of Delhi

What are the police force are doing and why it takes so long to them for taking action. Who are stopping them because we all know that what are they capable of.

So, who are stopping them and why they always create a bad image of them towards the society.

These are the current situation of the Delhi Riots….. Stay connected with us for the latest updates…… and there are few question which asked in the article and those are the things we really need to ask from our government. What You Think?

Let’s just hope that it will end soon and riots which happen in Delhi will never happen again.

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