Why You Need To Read Novel : A Proper Definition

Novel Definition 

Most of us are very fond and passionate for their love towards reading, Let’s understand that what is the definition of Novel and why read novels.

We read novels, poems, scripts, autobiography, short verses and phrases and very often get influenced by them. As we are able to relate the script mentioned in it to ours life plot.

It’s said that, “Books and Friends should be few but, all masterpieces”.

Whenever there fades a hope to emerge from some meshy situation in our life. Like we get trapped inside the web alike the insects get trapped in the web made by a Spider (🕷)

it’s often suggested to divert our mind and selves from such situation and endulge in anything through which we don’t get acquainted to our worse condition and anything through which our mind stays in a state of stable equilibrium maintaining all it’s humours at point.

You know reading Good Inspirational books and Novels by many famous Authors is the definition of enlighten our minds and always gives a positive energy to our spirit. 

Thus giving it a Second chance of Living life to the fullest rather than feeling depressed and timid.

By my personal experience I can assure you that adding a few books to your library will surely keep you boosted and focused towards your goal.

Novel Which Gives People Values

We hear a lot of stories about Famous personalities like:- Sir Albert EinsteinSir Issac NewtonMarie Curie ma’amKalpana ChawlaMarry komBabita PhogatBill Gates and many such to this list. 

We get a lot of enthusiasm with those great presonality. Listening to their experiences and we often motivate and drag ourselves close to our goals. 

So the same goes with books.

Of the famous Authors, Paulo Coelho makes a merit mention in this list separately. 

He was born in Brazil and has become one of the most widely read and loved authors in the world. 

He is one of those great novelist who change the definition of novel.

Especially renowned for “THE ALCHEMIST” & “ELEVEN MINUTES”.

He has sold more than 140 million books worldwide and has been translated into 72 languages.

We’ll see a review of all his masterpieces books and also go through the moral given and ideas received through it……..

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