Doing Violence In The Name Of Religion: Citizen Amendment Act, Atleast Know The Truth

Today I’m going to cover the topic, what is caa which becomes the headlines of our country, and lots of protest and violence is are going on in the name of religion and humanity.

What Is CAA 

Citizen Amendment Act is brought for giving Indian citizenship for those minorities from our neighboring country like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan who are being tortured religiously.

India is a secular state where all religions are allowed to follow their religion, but there are some Islamic countries here people are religiously persecuted.

Example Of CAA:- 

When the country became independent in 1947, the minority numbers at that time in Pakistan according to the Static Bureau Of Pakistan is 23%. At present, their percentage has come down to 3.7%.

Now either those people died or they were converted, because now the minorities is only 3.7% left.

Same thing happens with the other countries like Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Seeing that those people are being tortured so much in the name of religion, so they should be given citizenship at the earliest. 

This does not mean that he should be given citizenship immediately. 

There is also claws for that he should have been in India for atleast 5 years. So this bill is for them which came before 2014 in India.

It will become a perception here that it will end the citizenship of Muslims in India and for which there are many riots are happening. This is because politics is happening so badly in India, we as a common people suffer always because of some bad politics.

The condition of our country deteriorated because of these riots. We are fighting amongst ourselves while we have nothing to do with it. The only objective is to grant citizenship to outsiders.

Now, let’s talk about the question that comes to you mind:

The first question that comes in your mind is that one of the objectives of CAA is to take back the citizenship of Indian Muslims?

Many Muslims have thought that this bill will take the citizenship of those people.

The answer is simple that it does not affect the existing citizens of any religion. This law does not affect any citizen residing in India. This law amends to give citizenship to the oppressed minorities living till 2014. 

This law is not for taking away the citizenship from anyone. 

You are connecting this with NRC which is completely different and right now NRC is only applicable in Assam, check this article on NRC Bill if you want to know more.

I think I explain you that what is Citizen Amendment Act and hopefully I’m able to clear all your doubts.

Now it’s your turn to think about what is right or what is wrong and is there any need of this bill in India.

One thing which is definitely going to bad is the violence, specially in the name of religion. We really need to act like a mature citizens and try not to get influence by any politician because they only know politics.

Raise your voice, it’s time for change.


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