Don’t Corner Your Self Respect For Someone Who Always Keeps You Down : Domestic Violence

Irony About Violence

Violence is a word which not only holds good it’s meaning in wars between Nations, or disputes arising over countries I am mentioning these examples because typically from time immemorial we have grown up hearing this word in these fields.

But you know here lies the ironical part of it, when we say that we are progressing with accelerated speed in every field, be it Education, be it Development of Technology, or construction of Multinational projects but actually the field which needs actual development is Development for the betterment of women but actually no heed is being paid to such a critical and sensitive issue.

Also since, I have started with the word Violence let me make myself clear, that with what topic I am here with.

Actually people, my point of discussion here is of the Assaults, violence, Torment that each woman goes through and especially after getting married.

Feminism Isn’t About Making Women Stronger, It’s About Changing The Way The World Perceives That Strength

Feminism is something which I love so very much about being a part of it. And also it’s not my weakness but instead it’s my strength, my courage and my crown which I wear fearlessly, no matter what and also Feminism is nothing as hating Men, but it’s Loving Females without hating Men.

Women usually don’t realize their strength and courage that God has made them with, but once she does so then she becomes the most beautiful and splendid personality on this Earth.

Women Should Realize Their Strength And Take The Lead To Stop Domestic Violence

Women can do anything, God has created her so strong that she can face everything that comes her way, but facing things don’t make her weak, but despite makes her strong and bold.

 But some woman forget their inner beauty, forget their strength, but not revoking and by not raising their voice against the Injustice, by accepting things that come their way, they silently tolerate all the injustice, all inhumane behavior on them, all the misery and sufferings.

We hear a lot of cases of violence caused on Girls, which may be household or may also be professional.

I feel so low, thinking that even after people among us are reaching till the Moon and also researches are going on to launch our Satellite to make it’s journey till the Moon.

But can someone even imagine that despite of the success stories in technology, space and other fields.

 it’s the same place where women are treated as puppets, women are looked upon as people pleasures. But this is the reality even till now.

Marriage is such a beautiful new beginning of life, two people tie the knot with each other only to accept each other the way they are and live happily ever after.

But imagine if in this relationship, misery, sufferings, tormentation predominates then how helpless would the Girl be feeling.

Domestic Violence

Nowadays girls are given equal opportunity to study and so mostly they invest time before marriage studying and achieving their Goals, so barely they invest time in kitchen.

After marriage husband should understand this thing but usually the husband not only understands but the truth is, he dominates on her wife and often throws the food offered to him by her wife, complaining about the high proportion of Salt, or Chilli or spices in it.

Is it not also violent attitude towards her wife?

Violence is not only physical harm but also seeks mental ways to harm as well. And mental violence caused is way more toxic than the physical one.

After marriage the Man considers himself as being superior to his wife and wants his wife as his pleader and he assumes her to act according to what he desires. ( This case is usual, but not every case is like this)

 Even if she earns good money and is very hard working she becomes helpless in front of her husband.

Many husbands are supporting too, I can’t and won’t deny this but also I won’t deny this that, many of them aren’t supporting but instead are imposing, they impose decision on her to work accordingly.

A woman might be tired, she may not be in a mood but not matter anything, if her husband demands her in bed she has to be at her best she could be, despite of her own will.

Marriage doesn’t means that a certificate is granted with an official license of having the charge of your wife.

But it should be mutual, making love is very mutual thing and how can some men dominate on their wives even though if she don’t wants it that day. But she has no options with her.

Many cases comes of domestic violence, which are other than Dowry( Dowry had been already mentioned and discussion is done in the previous article) many cases comes where husband beats her wife, tortures her, both mentally and physically.

What fun can they get by causing pain to her?

What hunger can be satisfied by beating her?

How can you show your masculinity by torturing or beating your lady?

 Instead your Masculine behavior is very well illustrated if you respect her, hold her hands when she needs you, stay with her at both good and bad times.

Such people thinks it’s quite maleness to dominate on your lady, but actually I want to give a reality check on them that, it’s not that you”ve mastered dominating her and torturing her but it’s that she loves you so much that, she allows you to do that and she tolerates each misbehavior on her because she sees herself as your wife.

Many men also drink and come home and ends up beating and raping their wife.

Yes, I know I used the word Rape her, because they actually rape their wives, because making love without her consent and even after her revoking is not making love to her, but it is Raping.

This case of getting Drunk and beating is very common and it’s cases are increasing day by day.

These men drink and after getting Drunk take out their whole frustration on their wives, by beating and torturing her.

Even many of them Abuse their wives after getting drunk, and poor women tolerates all these sufferings, but only if she gathers little courage to seek help of the police, she could possibly find a way out from the living hell, but it’s sad that women don’t report to the police, because they think that it’s her husband and how can she report of him to the force.?

Females after marriage suffer tormentation each day, it’s like their Husbands assume them to be solely their property to which he can do and experiment anything he feels like, we often are familiar with this scenario usually by watching it on the Television or by hearing the tale which becomes the heated topic of conversation among groups of people….

But what can be done by merely making a group and talking about the issue?

 Can our talking, be of atleast some help to the ones undergoing this misery each day?

Can something not be done to resolve this issue?

Something can be done, Actually..

I mean If we start teaching our Sons and also most importantly first we ourselves should self analyze this issue, and let an inner voice of commitment come from beneath in order to say “No” to these types of Assaults, if we find happening around us, till the limit that our bare eyes could see, only then we can explain and elaborate to others for doing the same.

And then by our first effort, many more people can join us in our journey and finally this Humiliation imposed on Women, could till some extent be less in rate…

Kudos, to such beautiful souls that tolerates so much, weep and cry each day, even some of them are literally being beaten up by their husbands, but still they tolerate each one of these by crying and weeping alone, and again nobody is there even to wipe out their tears.

The very next, morning they get up with the new Energy and start doing all the household works by not even showing even a drop of tear in their eyes.

 But one can see the pain engrossed within her eyes, if we closely observe them.

But it’s sad nobody wants to see and talk of the pain..

They feel that it’s a matter of their house and let it not become the Gossip Topic of the Neighborhood.

By marrying a woman, a man thinks he has acquired all his rights on her, and he can do whatever he feels like.

Also you all must me familiar, that If a man helps his wife in household works, if he respects her, never say bad words to her, take care of their child by carrying the baby in his lap, then usually he’s being called as “Patni ka Gulaam”, “do respecting your wife and taking care of her lands you to become his slave”?

No, It also can’t, it’s not a matter of being a slave but all that slave things resides in our mind, if we think this way.

By abusing her, by beating her, you can’t prove yourself of being a responsible husband, but you actually give an example of what is called, Cheap thinking and mentality and all your education and post, no matter at whatever successful post you may be, all goes in Pit, and in a Pit that you intentionally lay down, in order to make Yourself superior to your wife.

You can’t be superior this way, but the way you can be is by Respecting your wife, by caring for her, by being responsible towards her, by realizing this fact that she has sacrificed her whole family, her own house, her own life in order to hold your hand, so it should be your responsibility to keep her happy and to take care of her needs and desires, by doing this you can prove yourselves at being a responsible and a Worth Husband.

Everybody has some Dreams and ambitions in their life, Right na. But here I feel so helpless when I see, career, dreams and ambitions is being predominated by Abuses, Being beaten up, by being Pleasure of your husband, by living life by terms set up already for you.

How helpless do the Woman in such situation must be feeling. Where there is no question of her career and her dreams, all are put on stake.

And career is not paid any heed, no matter however bright and intellectual she might be, but all she listens to is to her Husband, according to him her duty is only to serve her husband.

“Again I would say, how helpless they must be feeling, when getting married to such an Human-being”

Also, if they talk of this thing to their Mother or Family they usually say that, there is only solution to all these is to give birth to her child, so that things get to normal. But to how extent do you think this is true?

It’s like, making things more worsen which already is worse.

By giving birth to her child, she’ll be more bound to her husband, and would not able to complain of anything if happens further in future, because then it won’t be the question of only her own self but of her child too.

Rather, parents should support their daughter to fight for the wrong caused to them, they should give her courage to stand against injustice, rather than to make things which already are at bad terms to be at worse.

You know I sometimes feel so helpless observing these facts and my mind only quarrels within itself seeking answer to its monologues questions.. but it can’t get answers it wants.

I’m a daughter and I know that, how a father will feel when he see his daughter suffering like that……. I appeal you all to forward the message which I want to convey from my articles……..

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