I Bet That You Don’t Know: What Is NRC Bill :- You Will Be Surprised

NRC: National Register of Citizen

Nowadays, this has become a heated topic of discussion our country. 

A huge amount of people are protesting against it, lot’s of violence are happening in our country by the different groups of people.

But, do you know what NRC is?

 I’m not going talk about any political party or tell you to choose any one of them.

Let’s keep distance with political parties and their politician and not create any controversies. In this article I will explain you that what is NRC and you have to decide, whether you want to support it or not.

Purpose Of NRC Bill

This bill is applied for knowing the exact figure of foreign citizen in India.

Currently this bill is amended only in, Assam.

All Assam Student Union and the other Assam citizen claim that Bangladeshi people looted their rights and they always involve in the criminal activity  of the state that’s why we have to send these refugees back to their country.

What Is NRC Bill?

National Register Of Citizen bill is a register in which government keep all the record of non-citizens.

 NRC started in the year of 2013 by the guidance of supreme court in Assam. Right now it is not applicable in any other state.

Requirements For Joining NRC

According to NRC if you want to prove yourself that you are the citizen of India, then your ancestors had came to India before 24th march, 1971.

It is started for expelling the illegal Bangladeshi who came to India. A bill to implement could be brought in the next parliament session.

There will be separate requirement and draft for this to be implemented across India.

This is not confirmed yet, it would be possible and because of that most of the people are fighting and they are separating themselves in the name of religion.

According To NRC Bill: Who Is The Citizen Of Assam

The people who are living in Assam before 25th march 1971 are the citizen of Assam.

 People living in this state have list A in which they had to submit any of the given document.

Apart from that there is the list B in which they have to submit the documents which prove their relation with their ancestors and in which it can be assumed that your ancestors were from Assam.

How NRC Bill Is Updated

If anyone want to see their name in the selected list then He/ She must prove his residence in the state before 25th march 1971.

They have to submit any document attached with NRC form which is given in list A.

If anyone challenge that their ancestors are from Assam, that’s why they are the rightful citizen of Assam then they have to submit their document with the form which is given in the list B.

Documents Of List A

  1. Electoral Roll until 25 march 1971.
  2. NRC of 1951
  3. Record of rent and tenant e.
  4. Citizenship certificate                 
  5. Permanent Resident Certificate
  6. Passport
  7. Bank or NRC documents
  8. Permanent Residential Certificate
  9. Educational Certificates and court order records.
  10. Refugee Registration Certificate

If any one of these documents are not available and you challenge that your ancestors are from here then you have to show

Document of List B

  1. Land Documents
  2. Board or University certificate
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Bank/ NRC/ Post office record
  5. Ration Card
  6. Name in Voter list
  7. Other legally acceptable documents
  8. Any certificate given to married women by a circle officer or by the Gram Panchayat Secretary

 Click this ECONOMICS TIMES report to know more about the documents.

Final NRC List Released

Last list of NRC is released in 31 august 2019. 19,06,657 people were not included in this list, while 3.11crore people have been included in this citizenship list.

A total of 3.29crore people applied for that list.

Are You A Foreigner?  If You Exclude From The List

No, who are excluded from the list can apply for Foreign Tribunal which is quasi judicial body under the 1964 law. These people can appeal to this tribunal within 120 days.

Even, it’s very strange and ironic both that even without knowing what it’s Actual meaning is and what harms, benefits or others can be if N.R.C is implemented, many people go and add an extra number then the crew already formed by making lots of complexities and controversies.

 Is this the way, our Society is going to develop?

Or is this the way, the citizens should behave?

Rather by doing useless job people should focus and figure out what actually it’s meaning is and then should self analyze about it and then decide accordingly. Don’t let others set the seeds of your farmland!! These are the major social issue and we are trying to cover it all and also try motivates the current generation of this beautiful nation.

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Be a responsible citizen and use your own brain and work according to it..

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