“An Another ill – Practice Of Our Society, Which Indicates How Humanity Is Turning Into Brutality” :- RAPE CASE

Definition Of Rape :-

  • Rape Case In India is Increasing day by day, rape is a type of sexual Assault involving sexual intercourse or any kind of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent…
  • Victims are often traumatized and develop post- traumatic stress disorder….How can people even think of such an inhumane activity..? By Alas many cases are reported in India and also in Abroad countries which reveal that this heinous crime is prevailing at an alarming rate……

 Statistics of Rape case in India:-

  • According to the 7 year data, from 2004-2010 it works out to be 60.7 Rapes a day, 2.53 rapes every hour or one Rape every 23.7 minutes in a country of 1.2 Billions people…In the year 2012, according to Nation Crime Records Bureau there were 24,923 rapes..
  • Also in the year 2012, Delhi witnessed a spine chilling and fatal Gang Rape case on 16th Of December in Munirka, a neighborhood in South Delhi…Of which we”ll discuss each detail with much needed attention…
  • In the year 2013, over 1,000 rapes were reported in Karnataka, while Bangalore reported 1,061 cases in 2013..From the year 2013-2018 Delhi became the Rape Capital of India, rape cases saw a jump from 2013 to 2,000 cases per year…..

Age-profile of Rapists in Delhi:-

  • According to a study released by a Delhi Police Commissioner, B.S Bassi revealed that most of the Perpetrators arrested in the year 2015 were of the age group 18-25 years..This data revealed that 748 youths of this age group were among 1,427 men arrested for rape…
  • Investigations said 85.02% of these cases occurred in house of the victim, 3.38% happened in hotels and restaurants while the rest happened elsewhere….
  • As an initiative against these increase of Rape Cases at an alarming rate in the Capital, made the Police lay down a compulsory self-defense training in the schools for girls…

 India witnessed 3 horrific cases of rape which Merit mention here..

  • Nirbhaya case which happened in New Delhi in 2012 – This case was so horrific that it shook the whole Country….6 Men, one of them juvenile raped a young-girl, Physiotherapy student in a moving bus and brutal attack on her by the help of an Iron-Rod which causes multiple internal injuries and internal bleeding and caused a harm to her Intestine very badly and they threw her out from the moving bus… After which she was admitted to Hospital but within several days, she took her last breath….This case gives gossebumps even now, even after 8 years….
  • Saumya Vishwanathan-2008 :- Saumya was shot dead on September 30, 2008 while driving home from work late at night… Three men were accused for this crime…
  • Jigisha Ghosh-2009 :- She was an info-tech professional, worked in Noida..She was abducted and killed on March 18,2009 soon after she was dropped by her office cab at 4am near her home in Vasant Vihar, in South Delhi… Her body was recovered three days later, from a place called Surajkund in Haryana..

Reports by RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network)  reveal that 7 out of 10 cases of sexual Assault involved a perpetrator known to the victim..

Causes of Rape :-

No single facet explains the reason of the Perpetrator behind this crime, the underlying motives of the rapists can be multi-faceted..

Several causes can be there as:- Anger, Power, Sadism, Sexual Gratification…

Be a man of substance, don’t judge a woman and her character by the length of her clothes

Sexual aggression:- It is often considered as a masculine identify, characteristic of manhood, where some group of men consider themselves as being very superior to woman and they think they”ll rule the Society…..

Some men have ego problems to that extent that they think of Rape as an way of dishonoring and humiliating the Girl….

Many cases of Gang Rapes are justified by the Perpetrators as being an method of discouraging or punishing what they consider as immoral  behavior among women for example, wearing short skirts or visiting Bars…

How can a Girl’s character certificate be granted on the basis of the length of clothes she wears, or the habits she has, like hanging out with her friends late nights, or visiting a bar? Like seriously how can you man? How can you judge the whole book by its cover?

Actually to those men, who thinks it’s the mistake of girls dressing and her habits, my question is…Is your mind at work? Is your thinking and mind far beyond limits?

Actually it’s the mistake of their mentality, their thinking, their narrow minded mentality, that they judge a girl by the length of her clothes….How Brother? How come you blame a girl after raping her, accusing her that all the blame was hers? …. It’s your dirty mind, your small garbage bin which is located in your brain, according to which..Raping is not a sin, because it’s the girl itself who force you to Rape her by wearing short dresses……

Really we need to develop a hell lot of more in terms of Moral values, and thinking skills

A lot of development has taken place and is also under progress but I don’t think that these materialistic progress and development in terms of Metro, Flyovers, Overbridge can do any betterment of the society…you know why?

Because the thinking of some people residing in it is still at Zero/ Ground level….So first mental development is an immediate need towards upliftment of society….

Many girls are even taunted for making Friends with Boys…but why? If a boy can make female friends and it is considered quite normal then how come a Girl’s Friendship with a male Friend of her is always considered wrong..and that girl is considered Characterless? But why?

People often say, that a Girl and a Boy can never be just friends but why? Why can’t they can just be friends…. people often blame a girl for being raped by accusing her of her Friendship with boys….they say…”YE TOH AISI HI THI, ISKE SAATH HONA HI THA” But why?

You know all this why has a simple answer and that is that, the thinking and mentality of the people is not upgraded and all their moral values and ethical values being delivered in school, goes resides in Garbage…

Factors responsible for Rape Assault:-

1. Anger: The Goal of the Rapist is to humiliate and debase the victim, and also to hurt the victim..They express their contempt through physical Violence..For these rapists Sex is a weapon to defile and defame the victim...Rape constitute the only way for expression of their anger towards the victim…

Anger Rape includes much more physical brutality, such as Grabbing, Tearing up clothes, pushing on the ground, beating and Raping..

2. Drug facilitated sexual Assault.:- This kind of assault is done after the victim is made incapacitated due to having consumed drugs or alcohol forcefully..  Alcohol has a psychopharmacological effect of reducing inhibitions, clouding judgement and interpret cues.

3. Psychological factors:-. There has been considerable research in recent times on the role of cognitive factors that can lead to rape. Sexually violent men have been shown to consider women herself as the cause of Assault on them, they say that women herself gives clues by wearing short dresses and by hanging out with their colleagues, and by consuming ciggrates and alcohol… This hurts me so much that even after suffering such a brutal attack by men caused on the woman, another tragic statement of being blamed for the same makes the victim so prone to be broken and leads her in a Traumatic condition..

  • But my question is how can a woman hint about Raping her?
  • How can a woman allow herself to an handsome of people to come and leave her in such a tragic condition.?

How can they blame woman about her dressing and her habits….If a man is never blamed for roaming around on the roads with a mere two piece of clothes (Half Pants and a Banyan) then how come a Woman can be questioned about her Frock or clothes she wears….

If a boy is never asked or questioned about her bunch of female colleagues, then why people look on to the Girls, or Women with a Male Friend as Being “Characterless”

Many questions arises in my mind alike the waves arising on the sea shore….My mind sets itself in such a melancholy state that, nothing can appeal it but the thing which can is, it is the answers to all the questions it has…

But how can I expect to get an answer, when the Flaw itself arises from the smallest unit of a society….Ok let me make myself clear now, or else you”ll get confused and bored at the same time..

So I mean if the Parents are only not making a Girl child realize how special she is, or making her independent and giving her equal opportunities as are given to the Son of that house, then how come we expect the society not to taunt the girl on being raped….

Girls are often shamed for many things, like Body weight, Skin complexion, Face cut, etc… But If we start teaching our Son to respect Girls and women, if we start giving practical education to out Son then the case will be entirely a different one…

If one family starts this, then second and then third and likewise many families if adopt this method it will surely reduce the rate with which the Rapist move freely after assaulting a Girl by blaming her for everything that happened with her…

Also if our Constitution lays law strongly against this, Rape cases will not see a growth as it is seeing now with each passing year …

A case related to rape remains unseen and is not given any attention, but if attention is given properly and if the Criminal is given proper punishment then people will think twice before committing such crime….

Rape Case In India

Laws Against Rape Case in our Constitution:-


  1. IPC Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code defines Rape as a crime and also the punishment to the Rapists.. According to it, whoever expect for the cases provided for in sub-section (2), commits rape should be punished with rigorous imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than 10 years, but which may extend to imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.
  2. Rape by a police officer or a public servant or member of armed forces or a person being on the management or on the staff of a jail, remand home or other place of custody or women’s or children’s institution or by a person on the management or on the staff of a hospital, and rape committed by a person in a position of trust or authority towards the person raped or by a near relative of the person raped. In such cases rigorous imprisonment of not less than Ten years which may extend to imprisonment for the remainder of the Rapist’s natural life alongwith fine..
  3. Also whoever commits Rape on a woman under sixteen years of age, shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than Twenty years of age, but which may extend to imprisonment for life , which shall mean imprisonment for the remainder of that person’s natural life and shall also be liable to fine Provided fine shall just and reasonable to meet medical expenses and rehabilitation of the victim.


  • Albeit these laws are amended in our Constitution regarding Rape Assault on women but it’s very sad that not all the cases related to Rape are given proper attention, most of the cases are unobserved even after being reported, obviously this case happens when the Rapist belongs to a Political Background or seems to be a Minister’s Son or Of an M.L.A… They purchase the forces by granting huge money to them and in return no case continues to give justice to the victim…
  • And often there is a loophole that neither of these Laws are properly amended and often the Rapists roam about freely, even after committing such a heinous crime….So our force should work efficiently  and should give punishment to the Criminals so that the Criminals fear before committing such a brutal crime… Afterall Backbone of our whole system lies in the efficiency of our management….
  • These changes will probably not occur in a Night, but day by day and months by months and finally it will once happen, but only if we people stand together and start covering the pits of our Government and making our society a beautiful place to live in..

The Victims Starts Giving A Second Thought Of What The Society And People Will Think Of Them : Situation After Rape Case In India

  • Also many Girls and woman do not report of the Rape assault on them, because of Social factors, that society will look upto them as being Characterless and also their family members suggests to keep silent as they fear if they report of the crime on them to the Police or take the court to the police, then after that “Who will marry their daughter?”.. But I don’t understand why they fear about this, even after when there is not a single mistake of their daughter, why she has been raped…Then why to fear? and  why to close this matter on a mere thought of Social degradation….
  • But how come social Degradation of their dignity?.By putting a full stop and by tolerating all the crimes on you without even revoking gives an another opportunity to these Rapists who again get  full courage to commit this heinous crime again with some another girl…

So please don’t give such criminals an another opportunity by not fighting for the injustice caused to you…

Case study Of New Delhi (Rape case in India):-

Nirbhaya Rape case of 2012 which happened on 16th Of December in Munirka, a neighborhood in South Delhi..

This was a very horrific and brutal case which involved gange rape, beating and tormenting a 23 year-old female intern of Physiotherapy while she was traveling in a private bus with a friend of hers after

watching a movie in Saket, Select city walk Mall in South Delhi… She watched the Movie Life Of A Pie and she was very happy after seeing it and just after the movie ended, she and her male friend went outside to search for Auto Rickshaw but as it was late around 9:00 at night, so they could barely find an auto…..

Then Nirbhaya got a call from her mother and she asked her, where was she as it was late at night . And she replied that, she”ll reach home within an hour….Poor Girl!! She never knew, she would never return home….!!

They could not find any means of transport which ensured of going Dwarka, where Nirbhaya lived…

Then they saw a public bus, an the conductor of the bus was no more than 16 years of age, and the bus stopped before Nirbhaya and her friend and the boy asked her..”Didi, Kahan jaaoge?”  Yes, he said Didi to her….never can we ever imagine someone referring and calling Didi to us could ever do such an inhumane Attack on us….

Nirbhaya and her friend found the bus quite unusual and a thousand striked in their mind that it would not be safe to travel in that bus, but it’s said na, Everything is pre- decided and we people are just a mere artists, performing our roles allotted… I mean to say that, since they had no options left, as they searched for many vehicles but none of them agreed to drop them to the location so they finally had this only option and also as, It was already getting late….

She told the conductor, She wanted to go Dwarka, the conductor agreed and told her to get inside and the bus will drop her…

Her friend said that he”ll accompany her till her house, as it was late and it would not be safe for her to travel in a public bus late at night…

As soon as they stepped in they say, four more men they seemed as other passengers….

They sat on their seats and it was already 9:30 by then…

After some time, her friend Awindra noticed a change of route and saw doors were shut and he suspected that something was wrong…and on objecting, six men including the driver taunted the couple for being together at such a late hour…

Later they were involved in an heated argument , a scuffle ensued between Awindra and group of men ..Awindra was beaten, gagged and knocked unconscious with an iron rod…

Afterwards they dragged Nirbhaya to the rear of the bus, beating her with the iron rod and rapping her while the driver continued to drive… Medical Reports later said that they suffered serious injuries to her abdomen, intestines and genitals due to the assault. Doctors said that a blunt object ( suspected an iron rod) had been used for penetration. Later the police described the iron rod as L shaped implement of the type used as Wheel Jack.

Nirbhaya attempted to fight off her assailants, biting three of the attackers, leaving bite marks on the Rapists, which was figured out later by the police…

This heinous crime was being committed in a Black glassed bus at around 9:45 to 11:00 at night and nobody on the road outside could figure out that the bus was full of the cries and sufferings of Nirbhaya….

Alas!! Neither her mother nor her father was aware of the thing that how much their daughter was suffering…

After beating and Raping her the attackers threw the couple out from the bus, at around 11:00 pm. And after that one of the Criminals cleaned the floors of the bus to remove the evidence.

The partially clothed victims were found on the roadside by a passer-by who called the Delhi police who took the couple to the Safdarjung hospital where Nirbhaya was given Emergency treatment and was placed on mechanical ventilation. She was diagnosed with numerous injury marks including bite marks all over her body, and serious damage was caused to her genitals, abdomen and intestines because of penetration by iron rod and being brutally beaten up.

During police investigation, two metal rods, stained with blood were retrieved from the bus and the medical staff, confirmed that the penetration of the same caused severe injuries to her Intestines and genitals.

On 19th December 2012 she underwent her fifth surgery which removed most of her remaining intestine. Doctors reported that she was “In a stable, but critical” condition.

On 21st December the Government appointment a committee of best Doctors to ensure she received the best medical care.

By December 25, she remained intubated on life support system. The Doctors reported that she had s fever of 102-103 F and internal bleeding was somewhat controlled.

On 26th December a cabinet meeting was chaired and there it was decided to fly her to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, which was a multi organ transplant speciality hospital.

Also many of the Doctors and Ministers told it would be risky to take her to Singapore as she was not in a condition to travel.But ultimately decision was taken to move her.

On December 27th during the six hours journey in an Air-bus to Singapore, she nearly went into a “near-collapse” . The doctors did her best to stabilised but she was without pulse and blood pressure for three minutes and never gained consciousness in Singapore.

On 28th December at 11:00 am her condition was extremely critical and an executive at the Elizabeth Hospital, explained that she had a brain damage pneumonia and an abdominal infection and that she was fighting for her life.

Her situation deteriorated and she died in 29th December at 4:45 am.

Her body was cremated in Delhi on 30th December under High police security.

Rape Case In India

Public protests:-

On 21st December public protests took place in Delhi at India Gate and The at the Raisina hills.The later being the official residence of the President of India.

Thousands of protestors clashed with the police.Not only in Delhi but similar protests continued throughout the country. More than 600 women belonging to different organizations demonstrated in Bangalore. Similar silent protests occured in Kolkata.

Protests also occurred online on social networking sites like Facebook and what’s App and followed people by replacing their profile picture with s black dot. Thousands of people signed an online petition protesting the incident..

People protested in order to make the government take strick action against this case and hang the Rapists to death and also in order to lay a strict law against rape.

Also during one such protest, a police constable Subhash Tomar collapsed and died. The police charged 8 young men with the reason behind Subhash’s demise..

After the death of Nirbhaya on 29th December protests staged throughout the country including Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi and many more countries. Mourners marched alongwith candles in their hand and many of then wore black clothes..

Even I remember when this incident happened I was in School and also there we protested by making a human-chain and carrying a banner in our hands in order to seek justice for the innocent Girl.

The Indian protests also sparked protests across South Asia, including marches and rallies in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In Nepal, hundreds of demonstrators in Kathmandu called for legal reforms and an overhaul of attitudes to women.


The police found and arrested some of the Rapists of the Assault within 24 hours. The incident took place in a white charter bus, with a name written on it.

Six men were arrested for the assault. The driver, was Ram Singh and his Brother, Mukesh Singh, Vinay Shama who was an assistant gym instructor, Pawan Gupta. There was also a juvenile arrested for the Assault, who was 17 years old and Akshay Thakur.

The Criminals were placed in Tihar jail. And on 11th March, 2013 Ram Singh comitted suicide in Tihar Jail.

The Juvenile Perpetrator was sentenced to an imprisonment of three years because he was found 17 years of age when the crime happened.

The four surviving Rapists went on a trial in a trial in a fast-track court.

On September 13, 2013 the court released a verdict, according to which the Criminals were to be sentenced to death by hanging.

In March, 2014 the Delhi high court confirmed the death penalty verdict to four of the defendants and noted that the crime, which stirred widespread protests over sexual crimes against women in the country, fell into the judicial system’s “rarest of rare category” that allows capital punishment.

Meanwhile the lawyers of the defendants pleaded for mercy in the supreme Court.

On 5 May 2017, the Supreme Court rejected the convicts’ appeal and saying they had committed “a barbaric crime” that had “shaken society’s conscience,” the court upheld the death sentence of the four

who had been charged in the murder. The verdict was well received by the family of the victim and the civil society.

Here we can clearly see the fault of our adminstration, even after such a terrific and spine-, chilling incident caused on a woman and Country wide spread protests caused for the same, the court did not worked efficiently and mostly the court sessions continued to be adjourned till many months and the case passed in trial period.. Also during this period chances were given to the defendants lawyers to appeal for Mercy in supreme Court…

Seriously is this the way our Government should tackle with such a sensitive case?

Why is Nirbhaya not given justice even till date?

Why always the court remains more interested in procrastinating the issue by shifting the proceedings date?

Within the years 2013 till 2019 the Court continued only to reject the pleas made by the lawyer’s of the defendants despite of taking strict action and sentencing the defendants to death.But alas!! Here lies a big loophole in our authority.

On January 7, 2020 a death warrant was issued by the Delhi court setting up execution date for the Nirbhaya case rapists on 22nd January,2020 at 7:00 am at Tihar Jail.

Government authorities and the victim’s mother alleged that the four convicts were “intentionally delaying” and “frustrating” the legal process in this case by filing their please in stages, so that the execution could be postponed. Under the prison rules, if a case has more than

one convicts awaiting death penalty and one of them moves a mercy plea then the execution of all the convicts would be need to be postponed till a decision is made on the pending mercy plea.

On January 17,2020 within hours of the rejection of the mercy plea filled by Mukesh Singh the Delhi court issued a second death warrant for the convicts to be hanged on 1st February, 2020 at 6:00 am.

Let’s hope that finally on 1st February, innocent Nirbhaya gets justice and the court without any more denial execute the convicts to death. The court should not have played this hide and seek game with the convict’s pleas as commiting such a Henious Crime should not be offered with a chance to plead for mercy.

Seriously how can the rapists now plead for mercy?

Poor Girl!! Pleaded so much for Mercy but albeit her cries and sufferings the rapists did not stop their inhumane activity so how on Earth can such people plead for mercy?

And even if they plead how can our Government Allow them to file for their mercy, by which the verdict is procrastinated?


The Government really needs to works on its flaws, so that no injustice is done to the victims.

So, I cover almost every thing Related to this Inhuman crime…….But don’t only read this article…… It’s our responsibility to put one step ahead and do whatever we can do for those survivors……. It’s time to change…. CHANGE THE SOCIETY…… Start with your home…. Society automatically change…… We are one step ahead of taking actions……. TIME TO TAKE ACTIONS

There are lot’s of NGOS who are working day or night for those brave survivors……. Do whatever you can do for them…. Support them……. I’m mentioning few of them


give INDIA


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