“An Another ill – Practice Of Our Society, Which Indicates How Humanity Is Turning Into Brutality” :- RAPE CASE

Rape Case

Definition Of Rape :- Rape Case In India is Increasing day by day, rape is a type of sexual Assault involving sexual intercourse or any kind of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent… Victims are often traumatized and develop post- traumatic stress disorder….How can people even think of such an … Read more

An Evil System Of Our Society: The Dowry System

So, again I am here to unfold before you all another very serious and sensitive issue:-  DOWRY SYSTEM..You all may be familiar with the word Dowry, which is explained as the Money, Goods and the property that a women brings to her husband after getting tied in a knot with him…. Meaning of Dowry It … Read more

Constraints To The Development Of The Youths And In Return Being Misleaded – Is It Necessary?

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Have you ever think that misleading the youth are become one of the major issues in our society and no one is giving their attention towards this social topics. I’m the youth of this country and as a youth of this country lots of questions comes in my mind apart of my career. Questions which … Read more