Role Of Religion In Elections : Safest Card Of Politicians

politicians and religion

Religion And Politician : A Emotional Card Elections held at every 5 years in India but, you know that today also religion play a important role for politicians for the manipulation of votes. This is so common in India. India has a largest democracy and it also have the world second largest population. So when it comes … Read more

Equality Of Women :- Are You Giving Them Opportunities!!

women equality

Women are getting way more better in many fields, but still far away from being equal with men Men and Women are the pillars of the society, and women Nowadays are matching the footsteps of men and are walking equally with them matching each step explaining the real meaning of equality. Earlier women were not given a … Read more

Why You Need To Read Novel : A Proper Definition

novel definition

Novel Definition  Most of us are very fond and passionate for their love towards reading, Let’s understand that what is the definition of Novel and why read novels. We read novels, poems, scripts, autobiography, short verses and phrases and very often get influenced by them. As we are able to relate the script mentioned in it to ours … Read more

Doing Violence In The Name Of Religion: Citizen Amendment Act, Atleast Know The Truth

What is CAA

Today I’m going to cover the topic, what is caa which becomes the headlines of our country, and lots of protest and violence is are going on in the name of religion and humanity. What Is CAA  Citizen Amendment Act is brought for giving Indian citizenship for those minorities from our neighboring country like Bangladesh, … Read more

Don’t Corner Your Self Respect For Someone Who Always Keeps You Down : Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Irony About Violence Violence is a word which not only holds good it’s meaning in wars between Nations, or disputes arising over countries I am mentioning these examples because typically from time immemorial we have grown up hearing this word in these fields. But you know here lies the ironical part of it, when we … Read more

I Bet That You Don’t Know: What Is NRC Bill :- You Will Be Surprised

What Is NRC Bill

NRC: National Register of Citizen Nowadays, this has become a heated topic of discussion our country.  A huge amount of people are protesting against it, lot’s of violence are happening in our country by the different groups of people. But, do you know what NRC is?  I’m not going talk about any political party or … Read more

“An Another ill – Practice Of Our Society, Which Indicates How Humanity Is Turning Into Brutality” :- RAPE CASE

Rape Case

Definition Of Rape :- Rape Case In India is Increasing day by day, rape is a type of sexual Assault involving sexual intercourse or any kind of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent… Victims are often traumatized and develop post- traumatic stress disorder….How can people even think of such an … Read more

Depression :- How To Deal (A Part Of Life)

how to deal with depression

Meaning Of Depression  It is mental illness and related to our mind and mental well-being, there are ways by which you can easily deal with depression. At times we all suffer from depression at some stages of our life.  It’s the depression which hits us, when we stop loosing faith in ourselves, we start counting … Read more

An Evil System Of Our Society: The Dowry System

So, again I am here to unfold before you all another very serious and sensitive issue:-  DOWRY SYSTEM..You all may be familiar with the word Dowry, which is explained as the Money, Goods and the property that a women brings to her husband after getting tied in a knot with him…. Meaning of Dowry It … Read more

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